Council Members

2016/2017 School Council 
Heather Griffin - Co-Chair
Paige Pinder - Co-Chair

Imran Qureshi - Treasurer

Anne Woodbury - Secretary 
December Council Meeting Minutes
Meeting starts at 6:36 pm
Intro of new EVP Vice Principal Scott McFarlane from Chris Hadfield Public School

School report - Mrs. Mack-Osborn
Jungle sport in the school was a success
Grade 5 school trip RBG successful
Other grades trips 2-4 were a successful
School safety patrol is coming to help traffic flow. Adults have had training Mr. Hopkins and Mrs. Bagg also went for training.
Remembrance Day assembly 2 different concerts
Lock down drill was attended by police
Student Led conference also happened
Great book fair, very good turn out
6/7/8 high school music program visited
Leadership team - all teachers four lead teams . " what does EVP mean ?"
- concert grade 2-4 and 5-8 Dec 21 st two separate times.
Holiday break Dec 23 1:45 - Jan 9th

- Treasures Report - Paige Pinder $37270.19 as of right now in acct ( school council money's ) Purchasing a movie license for future school use.

- PIC rep Jennifer Buckmaster volunteers to attend meetings on behalf of school
Discussion what does PIC mean ?,ie school / parents/ community
PIC grant $500 . Pro grant $1000 apply in spring
- pic looks at all diff types of things ie bullying , data will be looked at
- next pic meeting in Feb 2017

- co chair Heather speaks about new boundary review (Martin Street Public School) reviews/ meeting dates
For dates see HDSB

- Bench buddy Heather speaks about
Build a bench
Purpose to bench
Hoping kids will make friends
Not feel bullied
All grades may use
Wood painting on bench perhaps
Vote for bench is approved
- finding out cost ( Heather )

- Heather talks about fundraising future possibilities
- pizza / cookie running smoothly
- holiday cookies running Dec 19 th $1 each

- Talking about cashless benefits
- Susan discusses a cashless registered program
- need to look into a cashless flyer
- Incentive register for cashless , have a board member help at events were we have cashless sign up tables

Dance - a- ton Feb 14 th 2017 party cinema
Volunteers apply
Vday cookie will be sold $1
Social justice committee will help
Pledge forms / DJ / necklaces
Feb 2 nd  possible movie night
- next meeting figure out the movies ( co chairs )
- popcorn date
- Heather speaks about New school council broacher
Then hands out EVP council flyer
- ideas of flyer hand out at concert / table / cookie sales
- constitution in 2017 admins / executives
- speaks to schedule in 2017 technologies in school
- My life media
- Guest speakers grades 5-8
- possible evening assembly
Costs of program

- Health and wellness speaker is suggested as well
- Heather speaks about EVP fb group being created secret
Susan approves

As well pizza trolly for volunteers on Wed re approved from last year .
School Council Meetings

Council meets the first Monday of every month in the EVP Library.  Please join us, get involved your input is always welcome!

Monday January 16th @ 6:30pm
Monday February 6th @ 6:30pm
Monday March 6th @ 6:30pm
Monday April 3rd @ 6:30pm
Monday May 1 @ 6:30pm
Monday June 5th @ 6:30pm