Council Members

2016/2017 School Council 
Heather Griffin - Co-Chair
Paige Pinder - Co-Chair

Paige Pinder - Acting Treasurer

Anne Woodbury - Secretary 
Start time : 6:38 pm
Welcomes and sign ins

- School report given by Susan school principle
- SR basketball team won all games going to Nationals in Halton
- trip to Hamilton museum
World Down syndrome day wear your funny socks went very well
School blue day is tomorrow pls wear blue clothing
Band ex April 11 th showcase
Grade twos went to RBG
Grade eight Bay Area science fair
Poetry speaker came today
Grade eight career centre
April 19 th week long book fair in library
School staffing for EVP starts this week four spaces needed to fill

Paige acting treasurer speaks
- Susan passes mini budgets around to each person attending
- $66708.40 to spend before school is out unless a portion is ear marked
- goes over budgets up to date
- comments from members
- questions about stage 6 for the outside learning garden etc
- future fundraisers (2018/19) to raise money for new school sound system

Anne speaks
- Cookie day April 18 th re butterfly cookies for spring
- Pizza day going well some grade eight classes remain receiving their pizza from office
movie night went amazing grade 8's band members fundraised for Nationals trip
Popcorn and water sales half proceeds going to the trip
- Susan and Ms Bagg then discuss a possible list of wishes from teachers etc
- the school admins had workers come out to look at the black top and brain storm ways of making it a more fun place to be ie basketball court / running track etc
- Painting on black top five different colours quote $ 4650 taxes in
TR school justice would learn how to play these choice games and teach the rest of the Evp kids
- questions and comments from the members
Sean inquires about a possible warranty plan ?
- Ms.Bagg had the social justice team come out and ask them for three game choices for the black top then other kids got to vote
- -Susan speaks about certs over seeing a better literacy program room for kids needed extra help resources for grade 1-8 books mainly / technology
- $10000 fore literacy room Pm bench mark kits
$16000 approx for lLi kits grades 2-3
Money more for technology $1430 each x8500
-$91 each mac book $10,000 for Mac Pro books all in
30 chrome books $320
Questions and comments on technology for school ie cost
- Heather speaks about stages of greenery outside 2nd phase trees going in for spring

Vote :
Black top approved $4650 taxes in
Vote :
Literacy programmes $16,000
Vote :
Technology mac book pro  $10,000

Heather and Paige
My life on line next wed 60 min seminar

Fun fair updates
- date moved to May 24 th
Volunteers teachers needed
2 hour min commitment required sign up sheet coming soon
- need 56 volunteers
 New business : Paige
Have band set up at the funfair for entertainment
To play oh Canada
Vote : pay up to $300 for sending book drive grade 5's books to Nuvet

Next meeting May 1 st at 6:30 pm
Thank you 's

End time -8:26 pm

School Council Meetings

Council meets the first Monday of every month in the EVP Library.  Please join us, get involved your input is always welcome!

Monday January 16th @ 6:30pm
Monday February 6th @ 6:30pm
Monday March 6th @ 6:30pm
Monday April 3rd @ 6:30pm
Monday May 1 @ 6:30pm
Monday June 5th @ 6:30pm