Council Members

2016/2017 School Council 
Heather Griffin - Co-Chair
Paige Pinder - Co-Chair

Imran Qureshi - Treasurer

Anne Woodbury - Secretary 
- start time 6:37 pm
- welcomes and sign ins email sheet
- Susan reads the school report info as follows ...
- Feb 24 th all report cards went out
- grade 8 band went to preform for music competition and won Gold . Are now invited to Nationals
- Susan speaks about the National festival re cost and date may 17 th
- Susan speaks more about costs. Board agreed to donate $1500 for the 53 students to go
- bus costs $932.23 ( school is looking into seeing if the cost is covered by the school board)
- committee discusses ways to help the band fundraise towards the trip
- Voted the school council will provide $1500 ( plus ) to help the band go to Nationals
- March 1 st Grade 8 science fairs  went very well
-   School brand assembly 9:00am March 9 th
- PA day this Friday 10 th
- March break March 13-17 th
- sports teams involved in basketball torments
- March 7 th My Life on Line
- Paige acting treasurer - reads  treasures report
$78985 in school council acct
- Dance a thon after fees raised $5700
- Susan speaks about more Bench Buddy info coming soon
- high school students from MD and MM Robinson will help in wood class to make
- Anne speaks about Pizza day
8-3/8-4 will cont to receive their pizza from the office from Bea and Claudia
- Dance a thon update - Pizza Nova maybe used for the winning class pizza parties two slices each
- Anne is looking into a spring butterfly cookie to sell in April from Terra Cotta
-  Party Ciemna was great . Social Justice comm was helpful with signs / putting wrist bands on
- Movie night March 31 st
- Paige speaks about the movie flyers from years previous . Vote $3 per person . And $10 for family of 4
- no pre booking or cashless this time
- questions for council members
" how many people can fit in the gym ?".
- Ms .Bagg answers discussion about blankets etc being used
- Vote to change movie to Moana
- popcorn day in April ( we will see)
- Fun Fair date possibly changing due to Nationals for the band being the same day
- Heather and Sean talk about the fun fair re food/ bouncy etc
- Vote to use Main Event for complete activities / food
- Heather speaks about $5 bracelets vote goes through
- Salamon has agreed to donate the money for the bouncy castles
- it will be on the black top from 4-730 pm
- Games will also be rented
- No fun fair baskets re silent auction voted on by fun fair sub
- vote to change date goes though
- Sean reads more about the Main event choices
- halal options talked about .25cents more
- Main event uses a second party catering company for their events
- face painting will be free again
- henna $2 Rafat - Iram looking into contacting last fairs lady
- ice cream truck will hopefully be good with this springs date
- deposit / contract to go through approval with Susan for Main event use
- Susan agreed the pre order food system from Main event is a good idea
- Sean speaks about using cashless
-Paige speaks about the importance of a master list just in case
- volunteer help is discussed re high school students / teachers etc
- grantor staff is discussed
- Sean then speaks about cancelation policy from Main event
- main event will have a on site map
- the company will need generators for the fun fair
- any questions / comments ?
-   Paige hands out and  speaks about our schools constitution pls feel free to read it over
- we are missing a teacher rep ; Ms Little is not avail right now no other volunteers
- Heather speaks about section 5.8 being waived
- Vote next meeting (3rd) on questions about the constitution
- new business Heather
- Heather speaks about a possible awarding of the volunteers ie pizza etc that need some kind of appreciation
- Sean asks who would pay for something like this ?
- funds were used two years ago for coffee teas and flowers apparently now that is not a option
- discussion of how to bring in more parent volunteers Eva brings up " why we are still discussing this "!
- Susan mentions a possible night in June for this award volunteer night
- meeting over at 8:16 pm thanks yous

School Council Meetings

Council meets the first Monday of every month in the EVP Library.  Please join us, get involved your input is always welcome!

Monday January 16th @ 6:30pm
Monday February 6th @ 6:30pm
Monday March 6th @ 6:30pm
Monday April 3rd @ 6:30pm
Monday May 1 @ 6:30pm
Monday June 5th @ 6:30pm