Council Members

2016/2017 School Council 
Heather Griffin - Co-Chair
Paige Pinder - Co-Chair

Imran Qureshi - Treasurer

Anne Woodbury - Secretary 
January Council Meeting Minutes
 Meeting starts 6:35 pm
Welcomes and sign ins

 School Report
 - Principal gives report , talks about grade 8 info night good response
 Grade 8 two day overnight trip ( first for EVP ) camping 80-90 success rate for attendance
 - winter concert went well . Two separate concerts one during the day and one at night to break up the congestion in the gym . Spring kindergarten concert for K1 - K9 no date as of right now
 - RBG was successful
 - Grade 6 volleyball tomorrow night
 - Girls basketball 25 th
 - Boys Feb 1 st
 - Feb 3 Rd pa day
 - Jan 26 th coffee with admins 9-10:15 am

 Paige Pinder co chair / treasure talks briefly about the treasures report $38458.24 in school council acct as of right now

 Heather other co chair speaks about boundary review letting people know the next meeting is for the public pls attend and bring your questions for the board .
 Next Heather speaks about the buddy bench ( Principal shows a copy of a photo of one from the board ( more info cost wise to come )

 - Speakers for 2017 for " My Life " online being planned grades 6-8 ( 2 day periods ) $3300 plus Hst . How to help your child have a positive online experience "?
 - Working on being a " Bring it " school via technology in the classroom ie cell phones etc
 - Vote for speaker ( first and seconded by co chairs )
 - Anne exc sec speaks about our new pizza trolly and the upcoming Valentines cookie to be sold for a $1 at the Feb 14 th dance a ton
 - Dance a ton scheduled for Feb 14 th theme is Canada 150 . We heart Canada . Please wear red and white
 - Social Justice committee will help 50/50 to charity . Including Halton multi culture council and the school
 - questions about glow sticks . Pizza party for classes that win the dance a ton charity
 - co chairs discuss possible movie night Principal will look into available gym dates
 -popcorn will also be provided at a cost
 - April 28 th is a pa day

 - Heather speaks about up coming Fun fair
 - Principal mentions it not being on a Sat but on a Thurs or Fri to get more teacher volunteers
 - no longer getting a raffle license
 - Heather speaks about diff costs for the bouncy bracelet $5 or $10
 - Principal discusses looking into a diff bouncy castle company ie Adventure Mania
 - Kim Graves from the board joins the meeting and gives a quick run down of the jobs behind the boundary review
 - speaks about the process
 - Questions from the parents
 - then a parent asks " why the EVP score is so low on the Fraser Institute online . Kim and Susan answer the question.
 - Fraser inst is a private and independent site that only retrieve their info from the EQOA scores .
 - Board and school have a multi year improvement plan
 - Susan speaks about the boards plan , there are four set programs in place for the future . Diving into the deeper issues and data .
 - Evp students do compare with the rest of the Milton area students
 - form sub comm for fun fair
 - Food and bouncy castle etc will be discussed at the next meeting
 - next meeting date is Feb 6 th
 - inspire award check out HDSB website for further details .

 Meeting ends 8:20 pm thank u have a great night

School Council Meetings

Council meets the first Monday of every month in the EVP Library.  Please join us, get involved your input is always welcome!

Monday January 16th @ 6:30pm
Monday February 6th @ 6:30pm
Monday March 6th @ 6:30pm
Monday April 3rd @ 6:30pm
Monday May 1 @ 6:30pm
Monday June 5th @ 6:30pm